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MOD InfoUnlock Auto Play (PvE), Always Win with 3500+pts (You must win)​
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Update September 2nd, 2020
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Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links game Mobile. This is a game by KONAMI. When you join this game, you will find yourself lost in the world of magical creatures, characters, and even gods as you dive into the addictive card games. Player will become a good card player in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link. You take on opponents from around the world.

At now, this game is over 10,000,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. The players have been increased significantly. Challenge the best players in this ultimate game. Win against them to become the King of Game and collect the most powerful cards into your deck.

Let’s explore this game now. Don’t forget to enjoy with APK Mod Always Win on APKCop.Net

Introduce this game

Why have the game Yu-Gi-Oh? APKCop.Net will share a few info. “Yu-Gi-Oh!” is a popular manga created by Kazuki Takahashi that was serialized in SHUEISHA Inc.’s “WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP” since 1996. Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. provides a Trading Card Game (TCG) and console games, based on “Yu-Gi-Oh!” created from the original manga, that are enjoyed around the world.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links game, players have access to their own deck, consisting of the different units that you can randomly pull out to the table as you draw the cards.

Each player has a certain amount of HP at the beginning of each match. You’ll then place your cards in certain positions, defense or offense. If the enemies’ card is more powerful than yours, then your card will be destroying and the attack point surplus will immediately remove a part of your HP. The ones who lose all their HP first will lose the match.

During the battles, you can make uses of multiple tactics and not just about winning the fights. That being said, along with the normal cards, there are also magical cards that have unique powers that can give you incredible advantages if being used at the right time.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Game Features

Easy – simple play game

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, that will introduces gamers to simplified and intuitive controls. In addition, you’ll also have access to the intuitive guides to help you with your card battles.

To allow gamers to quickly get familiar with the in-game features, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links introduces gamers to the simplified and intuitive controls. In addition, you’ll also have access to the intuitive guides to help you with your card battles.

If you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh veteran, you’ll find yourself getting in the game in no time. And with that being said, let’s spend the rest of your time dueling with other gamers to become the best in this game.

Enjoy exciting PvP Online Multiplayer Battles all over the world

  • Fight Legendary Duelists from the show such as Yugi, Kaiba, Jaden, and Yusei! In this game, you’ll learn all the basics on dueling as well as collect a number of useful cards to add up to your deck.

  • Multiplayer games force you to find your opponents weakness and strategize. And once you’ve got the hang of it, you can start to challenge other online gamers in multiple game modes. Start with the normal PvP matchups to hone your skills and gain experiences. You can then step up the game and join the Arena or tournaments for more rewarding prizes.

  • You can challenge the best Duelist from all over the world in epic ranked battles. Win against them as you try to climb the prestigious leaderboards. Here, you’ll encounter different Duelists with unique playstyles. PVP battles pit you against players from around the world! Climb through the rankings and take your place as the King of Games!

Enjoy playing as your favorite characters

You’ll have the chance to play against the famous characters from the previous Yu-Gi-Oh games from Konami. You can duel as Yugi, Kaiba, Yuki, and many others. Complete the Stage missions to unlock awesome rewards.

Collect cards and form the most powerful Deck for battle

Collect awesome cards and build your own powerful deck as you try to defeat your opponents with the “Dark Magician”, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, or even the might “Forbidden One”.

You can collect new cards from doing missions and challenges that’re available in the game. Player use the cards that you collect in-game to build and edit your trusty Deck to take on opponents! In addition to, you buy cards in the game store.

Discovery the strategic gameplay

With different characters having their unique powers and abilities, the game allows gamers to take on the in-depth card gameplay where you can explore the strategic aspects to the max. That being said, not only that they feature physical attacks, the powerful beings in your cards also carry unique magical powers that nothing can resist.

Let unlock your unique cards

You can unlock your unique cards by complete missions and challenges that you can find anywhere else

Free all to download and play

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links game has many exciting features, but that is free all when you download and install. Don’t wait, let’s play this game and enjoy the game now. Don’t forget to play with Mod Always Win free on APKCop.Net

What’s new

Preparations for events
Preparations for new features
Bug Fix(es)

Download Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links [4.10.0] APK MOD (Always Win) free for Android

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