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Update January 27th, 2021
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Pokémon Café Mix is a . This game created by . It requires Android 6.0 and up. At now, this game has many multiplayer on around the world. Let’s join this game now. Don’t forget to download APK MOD free on APKcop.net and enjoy Pokémon Café Mix game.

Game Description

In Pokémon Café Mix game, you’ll have access to your cool Pokémon cafe and enjoy a delightful restaurant management with many of your favorite Pokémon. Make friends with adorable creatures and have them support you in your business.

In addition, the game also offers addictive puzzle levels in which you’ll need to link all the same Pokémon blocks together while trying to make the right cups of coffee for your customers. Engage yourself in a series of exciting in-game levels as you enjoy the relaxing and enjoyable gameplay of puzzle. Have fun with many exciting in-game events and explore deeper into the world of Pokémon in this amazing game from The Pokemon Company.

Join the cool Pokémon and your helpful help Leah as you open a coffee shop and enjoy the fun puzzle gameplay in Pokémon Café Mix. Perform a variety of fun in-game actions as you figure out how to get past the fun and addictive icon-linking levels. Have fun playing through the adorable levels with interesting Pokémon setups. At the same time, also engage yourself in the addictive gameplay of restaurant management and expand your businesses in many locations. Unlock new Pokémon to add in your staff and make uses of their unique powers to assist you in the game.

Pokémon Café Mix Game Features

Get help from other Pokémon in your cafe and make friends with them

In addition, to make Pokémon Café Mix’s fun gameplay even more enjoyable, you can also get access to a variety of adorable and powerful Pokémon from the series, in addition to your original Eevee. But instead of taking them to battles, the game will allow you to engage in exciting and addictive puzzle solving challenges. Feel free to have fun with the addictive gameplay of Pokémon café and build your special friendships with the adorable creatures. Befriend with them and discover many interesting in-game features that aren’t available on other games.

Grow your business and discover more Pokémon in the game

Also, feel free to grow your business and make your cafe more popular with new Pokémon with exciting features and gameplay to explore. Have fun with the exciting gameplay of the cafe simulation as you deliver new drinks and food on the menu, while unlocking new gameplay with your other menu. Have more fun with the interesting gameplay of Pokémon puzzle as you progress.

Free to join Pokémon Café

For starters, Android gamers in Pokémon Café Mix will quickly and comfortably participate in this exciting restaurant simulation and puzzle game. Thanks to your friendly staff – Leah introduces you to the many management and puzzle-solving aspects of the game. Decide how you want to manage your restaurant while also having fun with interesting in-game interactions with the favorite Pokémon. At the same time, feel free to enjoy the interesting gameplay of puzzle solving with endless possibilities.

Pokemon boosters and powers are fun to take advantage of

For those of you interested in, Pokémon Café Mix also offers a ton of cool boosts and powers that you can use while playing through puzzle levels. Feel free to collect many of them while engaging yourself in the exciting in-game levels of Pokémon. And at the same time, always find yourself picking up awesome powers from your Pokémon, which can provide significant assists while you’re trying to complete the levels.

Collect daily rewards whenever you need them

And for those you care about, you can now collect lots of cool rewards everyday, if you’re active enough. You just need to return to the game whenever you have time and receive the daily prizes that are accumulating daily. Enjoy awesome rewards and have fun with the exciting gameplay of Pokémon Café Mix to the fullest, especially with your awesome rewards at the end of the month.

Have fun with offline gameplay

To make the game even more interesting, Pokémon Café Mix also provides offline gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy at any time. Now, there is no need to connect to your Internet connections as the game is free for you to explore. As a result, you should find it quite enjoyable to play during your daily commutes.

Immerse yourself in this addictive puzzle game

And speaking of which, with Pokémon Café Mix, Android gamers will now find themselves enjoying the amazing Pokémon puzzles, with the classic icon link mechanics. Here, you’ll have access to a shuffled board with lots of cool Pokémon icons. Simply connect the similar icons that’re close together to pop them up and bring new flavors to your coffee orders. Unlock many interesting in-game customizations and find yourself enjoying the game to the fullest.

Completely Free to play

Despite all the fun in-game features, Android gamers can now have fun with Pokémon Café Mix on the Google Play Store without paying any fees. Simply pick it up and start to enjoy the free gameplay whenever you want, no payment is required.

Enjoy with Mod Unlocked free on APKcop.net

In addition, to make the game more interesting, we also offer an unlocked version of Pokémon Café Mix on our website. Here, the game allows Android gamers to have fun with unlimited in-game purchases and removed ads, which will make it possible for you to enjoy the game to the fullest. All it takes is for you to download and install the Pokémon Café Mix APK on our website.

What’s new

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Proposing to replace some Game

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Pokémon GO

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Download Pokémon Café Mix [1.90.0] APK (Mod Coins) free for Android

Download APK (118M)

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