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Podcast Addict is launched by Xavier Guillemane and allows users to have the best postal sign experience. With over 9 million downloads, 450 thousand reviews, one billion downloaded episodes, and an average rating of 4.6 / 5, this app can be considered number 1 in this category. The interface of “Podcast Addict” is also friendly for most users. Organize everything like a real social network. At the top of the newsletter, we will see circular icons, which allow users to control all the information and how to navigate their programs. Below are the categories designed based on many different criteria. The upper part will be Trends, where all the things that are most seen appear; Below there will be new content and then Top Audio,… In general, all the best entertainment program audio formats are organized there so that players can easily find them. If they don’t like the content available, they can find a way to search with the keywords they can think of.

Podcasts app n. # 1 on Android

Podcast Addict is designed to give its users the best experience when listening to entertainment information. You may not have enough free time to watch movies or play games, so listening is the most comfortable and effective method. “Podcast Addict” is designed to be the most practical tool for users around the world, so it integrates many things into it. This application allows you to integrate and manage almost all other popular audio entertainment environments. Podcast, Radio, Audiobook, Live Stream, YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, and RSS news channels are seamlessly integrated into “Podcast Addict”. When necessary, simply activate one to be entertained by all the content in the world.

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