Love Sick: Interactive Stories [1.59.0] APK MOD free for Android

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Love Sick: Interactive Stories [1.59.0] APK MOD free for Android
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Love Sick: Love story game. New chapters&episodes 1.58.0 information:

App nameLove Sick: Love story game. New chapters&episodes
Platform4.4 and up
Latest ModIncrease Gems, Key Cost
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Are you ready to join Love Sick: Interactive Stories game? This is the newest Simulation game. This game develops SWAG MASHA. Your devices have to be Android 4.4 and up. At now, this game is over 1,000,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. Players are joined this game is increasing. Players are very attracted when playing this game. Let’s discovery Love Sick: Interactive Stories game now. Don’t forget to enjoy this game with MOD APK free for Android on APKcop now. Enter this game and enjoy

Game Description

In Love Sick: Interactive Stories game, Android gamers will find themselves having access to many different visual novels which feature different stories and setups. Here, you can have fun discovering different stories of your choices in a much more interactive and immersive way.

That’s said, it’s possible for Android gamers to make uses of their in-game choices to customize their stories. Therefore, change the courses of events and shape the future of your characters to how you wanted. Explore and experiences different and interesting endings with each choice.

On top of that, by featuring many different stories with unique setups, Love Sick: Interactive Stories allow Android gamers to enjoy their simulation gameplay in a much more immersive way. Here, you’ll find yourself become one with the main characters as you experience their stories in their own perspective.

Thus, allowing for a much more enjoyable and relatable gameplay. It’s not simply a game, it’s you experiencing yourself in various setups and scenarios. What would you do, what will you choose, your choices will affect the entire stories. So make sure that you’re careful with them.

Love Sick: Interactive Stories Game Features

Simple to play and intuitive touch controls
And to assist Android gamers with their in-game experiences, Love Sick: Interactive Stories also introduces the simple and intuitive touch controls which would allow you to quickly familiar yourself with the gameplay. That’s said, you can make uses of the touch screen to easily navigate between different scenes, make your choices, or investigate your surroundings. Feel free to enjoy smooth and satisfying experiences with the game.

Character designs so nice
To make the game more interesting, as well as your fashion senses for intrigued, Love Sick: Interactive Stories also features beautiful characters, each having their own unique looks and appearances. And of course, you, the leading character will have the best look out of them all. Find yourself fully immersed into the experiences and enjoy the stories at their best with these beautiful character designs.

Many different scenarios beside stories and adventures

But most importantly, with a huge library that features dozens of interesting stories and adventures with different scenarios, gamers in Love Sick: Interactive Stories can find themselves enjoying various experiences with each of their journeys. Have fun with these amazing stories and enjoy unique experiences with these stories:

Vampire Ball – The story takes you to a fantasized world where human and vampires co-exist.

Princess Liana – The story takes place in a faraway where the ruling family was murdered in a gloomy night by the evil witch.

Pretty Spy: Wedding Planner – The story surrounds a beautiful spy who disgusted herself as the fiancé of the famous billionaire David Corbell.

Exciting in the game with factor fashion
And for those fashionista out there, Love Sick: Interactive Stories also offers exciting and enjoyable in-game elements, in which, you’re allowed to fully immerse yourself into the fashion experiences. Feel free to explore the huge fashion collection in the game. Collect your beautiful clothes throughout the game and feel free to try them out as you take a look at your beautiful self in those fancy dresses or any other unique clothing.

Love Sick: Interactive Stories will find themselves having access to a much more interactive and immersive ways to enjoy their stories. That’s said, with the available visual novels, each and every event in the game will be told through pictures and animated scenes, which would make them a lot more enjoyable.

But most importantly, you’re now able to make changes to the stories by making your certain choices in various situations. These choices if being combined, will lead your stories through completely different paths and you can expect multiple endings with each story. What will you choose as the characters in your own stories, and how will it affect the final outcome. The immersive and interactive gameplay will keep you hooked to the stories for hours on end.

Have fun with our renovated version of the game
For those of you who’re finding the in-game advertisements and purchases being somewhat annoying, you can totally make uses of our modified gameplay instead. That’s said, it would offer unlimited access to all the newly added stories, and feature no ads so you won’t find it bothersome playing through the gameplay. And all you need to do is to download and install the Love Sick Interactive Stories Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Free to play Love Sick Interactive Stories Game

And for those of you who’re interested, the game is currently free for all of you to download and enjoy on your mobile devices. That’s said, you can easily install the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

What’s new


Visual and sound quality

Together with powerful visual experiences, gamers in Love Sick: Interactive Stories can also dive themselves into the exciting in-game soundtracks and audio effects. That’s said, the brilliantly executed sounds would make the game a lot more relatable and enjoyable for you.

Like many other favorite visual novel games such as Journeys: Interactive Series and Choices: Stories You Play, Love Sick: Interactive Stories offers beautiful character designs and stunning environments in each of its stories. That’s said, you can find yourself totally immersed in the experiences and enjoy the stories to the fullest. And for those of you who’re interested, the undemanding gameplay will also allow gamers to enjoy smooth and satisfying experiences on their mobile devices.


Whats new?


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