Infinite Painter MOD Unlocked Premium

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Infinite Painter MOD Unlocked Premium
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Infinite Painter 6.5 information:

App nameInfinite Painter
PublisherInfinite Studio LLC
GenreArt & Design
Platform4.2 and up
Latest ModUnlocked Premium
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Infinite Painter. this editing app has over 80 different brushes. Each brush will have a specific use to help you with lines as well as texture. With so many variations, you can choose a favorite brush and combine many different brushes into one image. Besides, you can create your own brushes to make your photos look your favorite quickly. Instead of having to constantly switch between brushes, you can create a brush that has the same properties as other brushes. But that makes the brushes so unique that they don’t encourage you to do it. He almost loses his original creativity, each time a different work is more interesting. Infinite Painter really is a software patch for you. You can do everything with this software. With a large number of brushes as well as millions of colors, users can create their own images without any template. It promotes creativity and gives users a comfortable feeling with a smart interface. Of course, when you use it, you will only feel happy.

Painting and drawing

First of all, for the information of the application, it only encapsulates in 43MB and requires a common configuration for mobile devices or tablet PCs. This allows users to use it anywhere and anytime to get creative. This is an important factor because the idea comes and goes so fast that the artist can only seize the opportunity in a matter of seconds. Also, overall, the software is highly rated on app stores and has over a million installs. In addition, you can use the effects available in the software such as tools, adjust angle, adjust color,… All of them are used so that you can create a photo suitable for the department like theirs. With a smart and logical interface, it will allow you to easily understand each of the functions of this software. In addition, the software is connected directly to the , to the camera. It can help users to adjust the image to their liking. Users can then export files in JPEG, PNG, PSD or ZIP format. Once you have your own photos, you can share them on websites like the Infinite Painter community.

Whats new?

6.5: - Tint color adjustment - Subtract and Divide blend modes - Tone Lock on color wheel (creates harmonious colors when changing hue) - New color settings: HSB, RGB, LAB, and CMYK - Added Hexadecimal color6.4.8: -Added from Recording to layer options (click the three dots to access). Hides the layer from the Time-lapse recording.6.4: -Google Drive support (for project backups) -Adjustment layers -New Hatching guide (simply zigzag to create hatching strokes)

Download Free Infinite Painter MOD Unlocked Premium

Version 6.5.6 - Premium

Painter-Premium-v6.5.6_build_400572-armeabiarmeabi-v7aarm64-v8ax86x86_64.apk (2 downloads)

Version 6.5.5 - Premium

Painter-Premium-v6.5.5_build_400571-armeabiarmeabi-v7aarm64-v8ax86x86_64.apk (1 download)

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