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Indie-Aesthetic 3d Video Effect Editor for TikTok 2.6.1 information:

App nameIndie-Aesthetic 3d Video Effect Editor for TikTok
Platform5.0 and up
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Indie-Prequel d3d Video Effect for Ins & TikTok is an app that allows people to change effects when they record video to post on Instagram Tik Tok. With 1 million downloads and over 4.2 * reviews on Google Play, it is now one of the most popular products. VHS is another visual effect, allowing people to create old-fashioned works that look like movies shot in the 1990s. For a lot of people, it’s an amazing effect. It creates the feeling that you are stepping into another world, a truly vintage photo. It is also a trend that many young people support and today. Beautiful love stories are like our grandparents, who walked through time without smartphones and modern devices.


Indie Prequel offers users many popular effects. If you like sparkling sequins like a fairy princess, Glitter effects will definitely be used. You will be able to take photos and make videos with awesome and brilliant effects. What’s more, users can also create DIY Glitter effects. But with the built-in features, you will quickly adjust lighting effects and light points. Speaking of old effects, LOMO is one of the lesser known concepts. However, it makes a strong impression on viewers. Photos of this type will have extremely high contrast, and even photos will have burnt highlights. Fortunately, the image will have distorted colors which become extremely strange. Art, however, comes from freedom and liberty. This style does not require any Luffy, “don’t think, just pull.”

Whats new?

*New Effects: [Era][Metor], get old film atmosphere and unique stars. *New Filter: [B&W]

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