Hide.io [30.0.7] APK (Mod Money) free for Android

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Hide.io [30.0.7] APK (Mod Money) free for Android
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30.0.7 information:

App name.io
Platform4.4 and up
Latest ModMoney
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Welcome to Hide.io game for Mobile. This is an Arcade game. Hide.io game develops . It requires Android 4.1 and up. At now, this game is over 1,000,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. Let’s start Hide.io game now. Don’t forget to enjoy this game with MOD APK free for Android on APKcop.net

Game Description

In the game, players will find themselves familiar with many different environments with different sizes and settings. Here, you can choose from all sorts of widgets and objects that can fit into your surroundings. Become the target and hide in many interesting covers as you turn yourself into a lively object that can freely move and hide around.

Collect all the hidden objects in a certain time period if you want to win the game. But be careful, since each time you punch the wrong object, you’ll also lose a portion of your health, which makes the game a lot more interesting and competitive.

Have fun with your friends and gamers from all over the world as you dive into the surreal and unique world of the game as you take in Hide.io’s fun and satisfying gameplay.

How to play?

  • Hide & Seek

  • Live online hide and seek!

  • Hide and seek game in which you hide and find others lively with many players

  • Become any object and hide like you are a part of the map from the beginning

  • Become a finder (tagger) and find the hidden objects

Hide.io Game Features

Play as tagger and object

And for those of you interested in the fun of hide and seek, you’ll find yourself able to enjoy the full game as both a target and an object. Here, you can enjoy the complete fun by choosing to be on both teams as you wish. Show your detective skills and observations to effectively spot hiding objects or enjoy the stealthy experiences by camouflaging in the environment.

A variety of different objects and maps to enjoy

Besides, gamers in Hide.io will also find themselves with access to a huge collection of different maps with different settings. Here, you can choose to be different objects that are relevant to your surroundings. Feel free to pick the right spots to hide and stay undetected. Or make uses of the dynamic and ever-changing item setups to hack your way in undetected.

That’s said, with all those available maps and objects, along with the randomly changing environment, it won’t be hard for gamers to find their spots to hide. And would ensure the game stays enjoyable and competitive even when you get on the higher levels and the taggers have already been familiar with the maps.

Have fun playing with friends and online gamers

Speaking of fun, by being able to play online with your friends and online players, you will never find Hide.io bored or dissatisfied with dull NPCs. On the contrary, whether you be the target or the tagger, the dynamic and unpredictable aspect of actual gamers would always make the hide and seek challenges a lot more interesting. Plus, it’s also possible for you to enjoy live chats with friends and online gamers while diving into the actions.

Compete in the global rankings

For those of you interested in, you can also have fun and compete with players from all over the world in the global ranking. Here, you can join the top players in your ultimate hide and seek challenges. Win against your opponents to increase your rank and unlock special rewards. But most importantly, earn your bragging rights with friends as you win against them.

Level up for tougher challenges and opponents

Speaking of which, for those of you who’re looking to step up your game, even if you’re a tagger or on the hiding team, the level system will always offer you more challenging gameplay each time you’re in the game. That’s said, as you pass through the challenges, regardless of winning or losing, you’ll also earn new experiences that would allow your character to level up. Thus, enabling new maps and gameplay, along with many tougher challenges and opponents to face against.

The gameplay is simple, easy to understand and interesting

Start off by immersing yourself completely in the awesome hide and seek game in Hide.io as you quickly enjoy a simple and straightforward mobile game. And at the same time, have fun with the accessible and enjoyable gameplay which would promise to deliver you a lot of exhilarating moments. Experience the unique hide and seek game where you will become an object and hide in many settings or become tagger find and catch all of them.

Intensive control and movement

To make the game even more interesting, gamers in Hide.io will also find themselves with access to an in-depth motion and control system for both the tagger and live objects. That’s said, as the tagger, you’re able to quickly move around the map and freely reach multiple platforms. In addition, you can also hit other suspicious objects to spot hidden players.

As for the hide team, you’ll also be able to move around with your lively objects before the game begin to choose a good spot to hide. To allow gamers to make uses of their creativity, it’s possible for gamers to position themselves in multiple places and from various angles. Make uses of the in-depth controls to help you choose the best places to hide.

Different skins for your tagger

To make the game more interesting and personalize tagging members, you can also change between new character settings. That’s said, with many available skins, you can choose to be all kinds of interesting characters as you dive into your hide and seek challenges. Feel free to play as your regular policeman, or play as the amazon warriors, medieval warrior, and more.

Absolutely Free to play

For those of you who’re interested, you’ll also find the game being extra fun and enjoyable with its completely free and accessible gameplay on most of your . Having said that, you can easily download and install Hide.io on the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy with Mod free on APKModone.net

Aside from that, some of you may still find the game somewhat limited due to in-game purchases and advertising. Hence, you would want to install our modified version of the game instead. With this, you’ll be able to have fun with unlimited money, removed ads, and more. And all you need to do is to download and install the Hide.io Mod APK on our website. Follow the provided instructions and enjoy the full gameplay once you have it installed.

What’s new

Bug fixes

Proposing to replace some Game


Hide N Seek: Mini Game


Whats new?

Bug fixes

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