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Dead Trigger APK v2.0.4

Dead Trigger APK v2.0.4
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Zombie Trigger – Undead Strike News   about the movement of dead people is heard from all over the world. Every human seems to rise again after death. Doctors are working around the clock in underground laboratories to produce new antibodies to fight the T virus. But, until they can find a cure, we will live in a disastrous and Death by zombies. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by zombies. This war, despite what everyone says, still has a long way to go. Can you accept the challenge and fight for the survival of the human race?

In frontline warfare, there are not enough bullets. The strategy is to target the enemy team and go for the header! Survival at any cost is essential in this shooting battle. Upgrade the ammo and attack of the armored shooter’s killer guns to increase your chances of survival in the battlefield arena in this action shooter.

Armies of savage zombies conquer the world! So, stand up and fight against the dead hordes of flesh-hungry zombies. These disgusting monsters crave the sweet taste of human brains, but you will only greet them with hot lead. You must fight against wave after wave of deadly zombies. Each wave shows more zombies and it becomes more difficult to kill them. Using the weapon in your hand, you will go through a bloody path!

Features of the game Zombie Trigger

  •  The first-person shooter feature
  •  Different graphics modes for weaker devices
  •  Offline Survival Game – You can play offline.
  •  Easy and intuitive controls.
  •  Various types of enemies and zombies
  •  Weapon types
Great news!
We have just released new technical update 2.0.4 full of improvements and bug fixes.
Dead Trigger APK v2.0.4
Download Dead Trigger APK v2.0.4 
Unlimited Money, Gold, Menu
Dead Trigger 2.0.4
Download - 23.9 MB

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