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Crux: The Great Outdoors APK v1.0

Crux: The Great Outdoors APK v1.0
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  • مطور Mindgames Studios
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Crux: The Great Outdoors – rock climbing challenge is the name of the first official project of the Swedish studio Mindgames Studios in the form of a game in the style of puzzles and fun, which has been released in two versions (Demo) and paid version (Full) at a price of $3.99 proudly announces that once again as the first Iranian website On the web, it has introduced, prepared and released the paid version of the game in a purchased and complete form and has provided it to you dear ones in an exclusive and tested form. You can get this version completely free of charge from server and enjoy the full and paid version of the game without paying any money.


The free version of the game is limited and its steps are not complete. In fact, by offering the free version, Mindgames Studios intended to introduce it to those who wanted to experience the general process before buying the paid version. As mentioned, Crux: The Great Outdoors is the first official game of this fledgling studio, but as a first project, this game should be praised because its features are very attractive and creative at the same time. In the future, stay with to introduce this game to you in more detail.


Crux: The Great Outdoors Or Rock Climbing Challenge is a fun and simple game released in puzzle style due to its nature. In this game, you are in the role of a professional and daring rock climber who has gone on nature trips in different environments and in different places and has decided to conquer different rocks. The gameplay is very simple, but it is your choices that make the process easy or difficult.


At the start of each level of Crux: The Great Outdoors you are in control of a rock climber. Your job is to choose the correct next step of the rock climber’s move. In fact, you have 4 choices for each move, which include right hand, left hand, right foot, and left foot. Which choice to prioritize in different situations is up to you. In Crux: The Great Outdoors, there are two virtual gamepads on the right and left side of the image.

 With the buttons on the right side, you can move the hand of the character and with the buttons on the left side, you can move his legs. The first few stages are followed in an educational way and teach you the process of the game well. So, if you want to get acquainted with this game and learn it, be sure to follow the training section carefully. The main challenges of this game are after the educational part and they have considered difficult and interesting stages for you. If you are looking for a small but fun and challenging game, don’t miss Crux: The Great Outdoors and go to Downloadbox now. Go to and get its latest version in a purchased and exclusive form with one click.

Welcome to the Great Outdoors!
Crux: The Great Outdoors APK v1.0
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